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But it is what happens when you run off all your real hardware, bare metal install testers. That is damned dead common hardware being effected. No excuse for that not to have been caught in testing.

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Bit of a bummer indeed.

This, however, is positive:

Intel has been in touch... "We’re actively working with Ubuntu to ensure the issue is corrected,"

Wasn´t always the case that a hardware manufacturer would "actively work with" anything Linux related for any reason at all. Progress has apparently happened.

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Intel has been reasonably friendly to Linux and OSS in general for quite a while. Intel developers are a fairly common sight on the Linux kernel development mailing list.

You may have heard of Sarah Sharp - the poster girl of women in tech everywhere. One of Intel's top engineers. She has quite a bit of code in the kernel and was an active contributor to the mailing list until Linus pissed her off one too many times.