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Matthew Lusk, running unopposed in the Republican primary for Florida Congressional seat, who embraces Qanon said in an e-mail said that he had doubts about a paedophile ran by the deep state. But he did believe that there is a group in Brussels, Belgium that do eat aborted babies.

I am not making this stuff up. This crap is going on all over the South Eastern states. The people here are the most delusional people I have ever ran across. I will turn 80 this year so won’t have to put up with this for to much longer.


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Amazing really, how stupid people can be.

The AfD here is good for some pearlers, and they have sets in various state and the federal parliament.
AfD at Wikipedia

Even better are the Reichsbürger groups

They maintain that the German Reich (or, occasionally, Prussia)[4] continues to exist in its pre-World War II borders, and that it is governed by a Kommissarische Reichsregierung (KRR, Provisional Reich Government), or Exilregierung ("government in exile").[5] There are a number of competing KRRs, each claiming to govern all of Germany.

Reichsbürger at Wikipedia

Fortunately, they are not represented anywhere official.