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Shows total ignorance, or worse ignoring, why these things were built in the first place.

Basically this is a "plan" to provide seed money to privatize transportation.

The US Hwy system was built primarily between WW1 and WW2 and a good bit of the reason was crappy transportation of anything to do with the needed supply and manpower for WW1 was shown to be really badly lacking.

The National Road which became US RT50 was built by the US Army engineers fresh from rough road building projects at the end of WW1.

All, every one of them, Jimmy 6x6s used in N Africa and S Europe were driven by civilians, like my grandmother, from MI where they were built to Florida on US 27 to the ships that took them to the Mediterranean area.

This is how stuff was moved. The US Gov spent $50 million in WV alone to raise the height of RR tunnels so that tanks could be stacked 3 high on flat cars. Then the Reagan Admin allowed the RR companies to abandon and sell for profit all that infrastructure.

General Eisenhower was a bit pinched for a decent supply chain. We could produce plenty but couldn't get it to shipping very fast. He was a big admirer of and on the receiving end of German supply over the Autobahn which was designed for rapid deployment of troops and military supply. This is why he started the Interstate Hwy project. Pure and simple was meant to be a fast way of moving people and goods across the country primarily planned as a national security project.

Both national Hwy project did provide a lot of employment and had many other benefits besides better mobility of our military.

These bozos don't get that though. They want to look at this as a temporary jobs creation tool.

Indiana has a good bit of the Interstate in Indiana as a toll road. Basically a "private sector partner" repaired the thing and now runs it. So what is wrong with that. Well it would be nice if it was an American company. I really don't like the idea of a Chinese company keeping track of traffic through auto toll collections on part of our military supply routes.

If you divide $200 billion by 50 states you get all of $4 billion. Sounds somewhat huge to most of us but will not be much of a drop in the bucket for simply repairing bridges across the Mississippi that we have ignored pretty much completely since the Reagan Admin. Add to that the cost of upgrading our shipping ports, also a key to supporting any damned war that may happen and which we have trouble with in every deployment of troops now and have had since the Clinton Admin, and the money isn't jack shit. But the States are supposed to pony this up or, I suppose we could get the Chinese to do it for a share in the harbor rates. Or maybe Russia would like a piece of the cake.

And Rail is pretty much off the table apparently in this country which, next to water transport is the cheapest way to move a ton of people or things anywhere and easier on fuel usage (by far) and the environment than moving stuff on roads. 3rd world countries have rail as good as ours in many cases.

All these types of transport reach well across State lines. This type of building has to be coordinated and well regulated at the federal level to be effective and well planned. Well better planned than left to 50 different governments scattered along the different routes.

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“I think we’re down to minus about $200 billion, because I don’t think they have enough money to fund the current program, let alone anything on top of it,” said Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), who recently sat in on a meeting with lawmakers and administration officials on the plan. “I don’t see any money from what I’ve seen so far at all. Zero. Not $200 billion, certainly not a trillion.”

There's plenty of money. I could easily come up with $1 trillion. Eliminate bridges to nowhere, paying farmers to not grow food, subsidies for some asstit with 50 sheep, 5th generation families on welfare, fire about 80% of the useless government (Start with Congress) TAKE every penny of illegal drug money the CIA bring into this country. There's a trillion in less than a year.

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There are a lot of places to get money from.

Their idea is to simply load Federal costs onto the States.

I suppose then the Justice Dept can use the funds for cracking down on States with legal pot.