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Had time today.

I think the entire Government here is transforming into an actual reality show. Maybe they should be licensing it or something.

Then someone actually wrote this up. Been wondering when someone would notice. Probably need to get more immigrants to come in to fill the ranks.

And then things started getting weird.

But the problem with shootings in schools is easy to solve

And we have a great investment opportunity

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The one about "concealed carry" in schools: Totally fucking insane.

Powerpoint slides: I bet I've seen worse ones. I see presentations regularly in my work. It is amazing how incompetent people are with that. Even people who get money for being good at it.

Trump dating: why am I not surprised?

Camp Century

According to him, at this point it isn’t clear exactly who is responsible for cleaning it up.

Well, I would have thought it would be the U.S. Military, but what do I know?

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The last election was won by putin. The US is now a third world country now even the top of the list of third world countries. Our health system is on par with Sri Lanka. Our political system is disfuncsional. Our infastructrue is falling apart 3 amtrack wrecks in 2 months, bridges are collapsing on highways, and our interstate highways are full of pot holes. what more do I need to say.

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Long live neo-liberal economics, I reckon. :milton_friedman_would_need_shooting_if_he_wasn't_already_dead_smiley: