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Obkey deb file. ...

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I will be looking into getting obkey.

I had a problem with one, actually 2, of my drives internally on this new box. All my drives are old and came from the old Dell.

Recovered one of them. The other I recovered most of the stuff on it and have it scattered about on some other old drives in externals.

But that one had my /home partitions on it. They are now on my Loaner drive which while great for loaning to people is in a really crappy external enclosure. Don't run it long as cooling really sucks.

So I am working from a single 500G external. That has this OB install on it. I have one on the internal drive that I was experimenting with and got set up pretty well. Used that to config the secondary OB installs on my Lizards. Also used it to set this install up. Made it pretty easy to switch to using this install as my production install.

Feel pretty comfortable with it. If you are going to learn to use any DE you have to actually use the thing. I intend to use this until I can afford a couple new drives and completely redo my internals. That will take a while as we are pretty much broke.

But this is a uefi outfit running on legacy boot because I just swapped the drives over from the old Dell and mixing, even running uefi on the external and legacy mode internally is simply not a real good idea. Tried that and it "confuses" the uefi bios in some really disturbing ways. Might not if I were to sit down and RTFM and learned to set up different profiles for the uefi bios but so far I have not done that. Would rather just switch everything at once.

This external is running with gpt instead of msdos partition table but with legacy boot (fake mbr). Much better partition table. I want to get things running fully with the full features that my box is capable of. So why bother seeing if profiles will make it run better if I want to run msdos and bios style boot and uefi boot?

So I am, completely by my policy choices, "stuck" with using OB as my production environment. I do have the Sid Xfce install on here and could use that. I know how to run Xfce. I want to learn to run OB.

I really don't see that OB is any lighter or faster than Xfce. I am really a launcher on the panel oriented user. This was what appealed to me about Gnome when I switched from Win to Ubuntu. It cleaned up my desktop of all those launchers that were on the Win install. And I never liked the Win menu and really have never found a menu I really like. Stacked applications in launchers that are combined in groups that I use so any job I am doing can generally be done with the applications in one launcher is how I like to work. So why OB?

Because it has a menu setup that I can live with. I think that KDE and Gnome have both gone insane. KDE was pretty crazy all along in my opinion. I really want to push Linux as an option for other people and that is the reason for my loaner drive. It now only has 3 installs on it. They are all Debian Stable and are Xfce, OB and Mate. That is the order in which I place them by personal preference for my use.

However. OB is the most complex install on the loaner drive. This is simply because it is the easiest to set up for a family shared computer with more than one user. OB is set up for an imaginary family with good trust in each other. 2 adults and a child and a guest account. One adult is the admin and the other adult does have all the authority needed so that user can do admin stuff but you really can only have one admin at a time. The child doesn't have many permissions at all.

The guest account boots to a black screen and the OB menu has only one entry and that is to shut down the computer and the web browser autostarts. What more does a guest need?

My idea is that the child has a limited menu and no entry there for obmenu. When the kid learns and can get around that problem with no more than user permissions (/usr/applications is a launcher for all applications that anyone can use that has a file manager which the kid obviously does) the "parents" can boost the kids permissions.

I have all that information documented on the loaner in a data partition that has one directory that only the adult accounts have access to.

Everything I have done on there could be done in any DE. But setting the guest up in OB with just simply access to a web browser is extremely simple. Yes someone with knowledge, not real deep, of Linux operation could, with time, get in past that. But I assume the box is in a space where everyone in the house has access to it and that a guest is not left alone for long enough to do that.

How many people in this County or over in Lame Deer (Northern Cheyenne Rez main town) have any knowledge of Linux? Here in Powder River County I would say that number is about 8. 3 of which are my extended family (son has moved to another County so that 8 may be down to 7) the others are dual booters with Win and really don't show a lot of interest in learning cli commands. The Rez runs on Windows because MS donates all the stuff to the schools and the Community College. There could be some that are computer "nuts" but I haven't run into them yet.

Security is relative.

OB sucks for a noob. Every one "knows" that. I have it all set up so it is as easy to use as any DE that is not Windows based for someone to learn to use. And it is easier to control peoples access to just about anything simply because you can limit what they see in the menu. And Linux is an easy OS to mess with user permissions in so that kids that are only Win oriented are not likely to be messing with things very soon.

Personally I miss my Xfce panel launchers. Most people are not that keen on panel launchers. I have a simple menu that has what I need on it. Some applications don't have an entry. I launch them at the cli or from the file manager. Works for me.

I miss being able to have my previous session duplicated, complete with applications opening in the work station they are supposed to be in, easily but it only takes a very short time to set things up as I want them (maybe slightly more than a minute).

Am thinking of using feh instead of nitrogen to control the background so I can have it change on a timer. Prefer the ease of having different wallpapers on each WS and being able to have them each change on a timer that I have in Xfce (and KDE to be fair to that DE). But I am sure that could be done in OB too as that is a function of x11 but I am too ignorant to setup.

When Gnome went insane and I switched to Xfce I tried a LOT of DEs. Had a dedicated install for doing that. Forget how many I tried. I think it was ALL of them available in the Debian repos at the time. Got down to, I thought in this order, Xfce, Lxde and OB. Then I realized that I was doing more configuration of Lxde using the OB config tools and dropped Lxde.

Xfce came out on top only after I made sure that I had xfwm4 running the desktop instead of Nautilus which is what, at that time and probably currently, runs the desktop in Xubuntu which frankly sucks.

The gnome2 panel system was (and has improved some in Mate) really good. I loved it. The Xfce panel is what it wanted to grow up to be. That is why I use Xfce instead of OB by preference. But I am perfectly happy, with the option at anytime to reboot this drive into Xfce, running OB full time and only popping over the Xfce to make sure it is running right and to check out the many different wallpapers I mess with are functioning the way I like with that all set up on the 8 work stations (I use 8 here too but they all only have the same wall paper). Say once a week for about 20 minutes.

And I find that when I go there I have some problems remembering the keybindings that I use under Xfce for about 5 of those minutes.

I think this is going to be very helpful when I find my next victim that will try out the dreaded Linux OS. I now only have Xfce, OB and Mate on my loaner. I use Xfce and OB and maintain my wife's laptop where she runs Mate. So I am pretty familiar with them and most people seem to like those all right.

Xfce will not ever become real popular until they do something about the crappy menu. People generally like a good menu and Xfce doesn't have one at all. But if people want a great panel then Xfce is great.

As far as the Mate panel goes it is very nice but I vastly prefer OB to Mate. Don't even open Mate on the Loaner very often. Usually only before I loan it out to make sure it works.

When I chose Xfce over OB I decided to learn to use OB too. For the very simple reason that Gnome had gone bat shit crazy and Xfce could do the same maybe. And I can certainly use OB. Just prefer Xfce.

I also make sure to tell people to try all 3 of those installs and use them each for a few days. Feel free to mess with them, install and remove packages. Change the configuration. Basically they can't hurt anything so I can't fix it anyway. And I tell them if they want to try other DEs feel free to install them and use them. Have never had anyone brave enough to do that. Windows has made people pretty leery of trying things out.

I have the ~/.foo files all backed up for all the user accounts on the loaner in the loaner data partition so it is really sooo hard to put things back the way I had them. What people are scared of is breaking the install. I have broken a lot of installs and can probably fix that faster than reinstalling but they think $$$$$ when thinking about installation and telling them it is a free OS just doesn't really register with them. At all.

But I think that particularly on the Rez where large families are common that all use the same computer that the OB install may very well be of interest. Even if it is just used for the guest and children accounts.

Am thinking about doing a 4th install with another mythical family setup and using Xfce, OB and Mate so that you get a different DE depending on which user is logging in. That will have to wait as I have not made that real smooth yet. But it is fun to surprise people with the flexibility of Linux so I am intermittently playing with it on a 3rd install here on this drive. Haven't messed with it in a couple months but do on occasion.

I really want people to use Linux.

Running on the popular OwnBox brand computer; AMD 6 core 3.5GHz, 8G ram, 3 500G HDD and 1 320G HDD, antique SB Audigy1 card, cheap old Radeon HD 6450

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Cromag wrote:

Obkey deb file. ...

Thanks for the link.

Address worried me. i386?

It is an "all.deb" so fine anywhere. Or should work on all architectures anyway.

Isn't that package supported anymore? Seems a bit long in the tooth. Not sure why it needs to be changed really but packages generally are tinkered with at least a bit in that time period. If only to update comments in them.

Running on the popular OwnBox brand computer; AMD 6 core 3.5GHz, 8G ram, 3 500G HDD and 1 320G HDD, antique SB Audigy1 card, cheap old Radeon HD 6450

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I really want people to use Linux.

Posts that long are counterproductive to getting people to use Linux. It is, however, a fantastic way of getting them to run for the hill and through Windows.

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I usually get a tidbit or two from RH and his long rambles. I enjoy them.