I have been have a snooper on my old devuan install every time I go to a utube how to video someone comes in and delays startup while it collects some information, I don't know who or what it is so I started to look for a different OS.
First I tried Zorin 16.1, it installed with no problem. But when I try to use it, Zorin will not recognize my password after several tries with the same failure I reloaded Zorin 16.1 same failure as before. I reloaded it once more same failure again. Zorin 16.1 is not for this computer.
Next on my list was Sparky 5.9 after 97% loaded I get failure to load after much looking I fine their sever is down.
Next on my list is Solus 4.3 again about half way through the install failure to load comes up. this time I just go to the next OS.
list is Linux Mint 20.1 last time I looked at Linux mint I did not care for it but at this point any port in a storm. surprise it loads there is just one problem to start with it starts up in terminal with the word grub blinking at me. I shut down the computer it being a HP I start it and begin punching the Esc key it opens and I push the F9 key go to sata one and push enter and entered Linux Mint. still do not like it, but it does work. It is very slow and has a few glitches besides having to open through Bios. After using it for a week and liking it even less I thought of something that I had done several years go that worked that was to install Ubuntu 10.04 then install the next OS over that.
So that is what I did. and the Next OS I had for loading was the updated Devuan 4.0 I did and it works very well and no snoopers on the utube videos.
The good lady tells me that I need to buy a new computer from system 76 maybe she is right I know that I have had this one for at least 14 years and I think maybe longer, cannot remember when I bought it. and being old my memory is not what it use to be. Take care people and try to have some fun.