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Smells Musky

Ohhh Noooo

People don't read the fine print. Well most don't. When we bought our Win98 box I actually read the damned eula. Should have done that before getting the box built. Would have gotten the same thing built but would have gone with the Red Hat distro probably (unless the guy that built it suggested something else - we had only considered RH because it was the only one we had discovered).

Wife has a FB account. I read that crap and there is really no way I would have an account.

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The first article: oh, what a surprise.

The second: I'd be interested to know which of the "conventional" vehicle manufacturers is behind the article. All of them, perhaps? 😉

The one about the ip addresses:

it appears that human beings are pretty poor at behaving rationally and seem to be waiting it out until they literally have no other option.

Who would have thought...

Facebook: well, nothing new there either. I still don't have an account, and it is getting less likely by the day. 😁

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OSHA probably has several open investigations on my dead warfacegramma so I'm not impressed.

Internet v2.doh!