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This is probably bogus for everyone. Definitely if you are not running some applications like emacs.

Bug is for libglib2.0-0 which is not actually in a default install and most people probably don't have it at all.

There is an older bug for this from 4-3-18 that was closed because it couldn't be reproduced.

The new bug from yesterday is posted by some guy claiming to be running Debian testing with kernel 4.4.1.

Stable may be running that kernel but testing surely is not.

tom@stoned:~$ uname -a
Linux stoned.lizard 4.15.0-2-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.15.11-1 (2018-03-20) x86_64 GNU/Linux

Stoned Lizard has had the package upgrade installed and works fine.

Looking at bug #894763 which the current bug seems to be a duplicate of

should give you confidence to install the package upgrade.

Current bug is #896019

For people not familiar with it you can look up any bug easily from the bug number which is listed by the package "apt-listbugs" (if you get bug reports from your system that is installed) at

Just copy/paste the bug number to the first search box on that page and hit enter. Handy bugger.

Any bug filed against a package is reported by apt-listbugs. Some, not a lot, are simply bogus like this one. Many are for architectures that you are not running however. That is usually in the apt-list bugs output and you can then safely choose to install the upgrade. Most people are going to be running amd64 (intel or amd 64 bit systems) and so if the bug has a list of architectures and that isn't included it is not likely to be a problem. If no architectures are listed then you should assume it effects all architectures.

You can "hold" a package at the current version by running

# apt-mark hold <package name>

using the package name of the buggy version. To unhold that version you run

# apt-mark unhold

To see what is on hold run

# apt-mark showhold

I use these regularly and find typing them silly (bad typist). So I have

alias hold='apt-mark hold'
alias unhold='apt-mark unhold'
alias sold='apt-mark showhold'

in my

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