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They always are trying to tweak things from release to release. Each release team leader has their own agendas and so do all the release sub team leaders.

But this was interesting to look at today.

Definitely getting into the serious stuff.

The "Freeze" period starts in January. First part of that (Transition) is cut from down time wise in half compared to the few I have been playing with. Last time it did seem to drag on way too long with little actually seeming to happen. There was a big surge of stuff leading up to it as people rammed things in so as to get that crap out of the way.

The final - Full-Freeze - is open ended because it is defined as ending when there are no Release Critical bugs and really is down to the opinion of the release team leader. So probably does point to sometime in June of 19.

And - really planning important stuff ahead -
During the Release Team sprint in Cambridge, it was decided that Debian 12 will be codenamed "bookworm".

Debian 12 should be out sometime in 2023 so it is damned important to get this kind of thing nailed down now.

For those yearning for details of such momentous decisions in the past
Version Code name Release date Toy Story character
1.1 Buzz 1996-06-17 Buzz Lightyear
1.2 Rex 1996-12-12 Rex (the T-Rex)
1.3 Bo 1997-06-05 Bo Peep
2.0 Hamm 1998-07-24 Hamm (the pig)
2.1 Slink 1999-03-09 Slinky Dog
2.2 Potato 2000-08-15 Mr Potato Head
3.0 Woody 2002-07-19 Woody the cowboy
3.1 Sarge 2005-06-06 Sarge from the Bucket O' Soldiers
4.0 Etch 2007-04-08 Etch, the Etch-A-Sketch
5.0 Lenny 2009-02-14 Lenny, the binoculars
6.0 Squeeze 2011-02-06 Squeeze toy aliens
7 Wheezy 2013-05-04 Wheezy the penguin
8 Jessie 2015-04-26 Jessie the cowgirl
9 Stretch 2017-06-17 Rubber octopus from Toy Story 3
10 Buster not yet released Andy's pet dog
11 Bullseye Not yet released Woody's horse
Sid "unstable" The next door neighbour

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I had (less than legal) access to certain things, in the joint. Used it to try keeping up with some linux stuff. Most guys would get heroin. I wanted Debian. Go figure. I'm weird like that.

As I am so often wont to do, I would build an OS from rhe ground up. Imagine, if you will, you've got yourself a mini .iso and a dvd .iso. What do you do? You unpack that dvd image, install the baby one, and start dpkg'ing your evil little ass off. Packages DON'T install easily this way.

Missing packages X through all of them.
Scroll, scroll.
Copy/Paste package name....
Scroll, scroll...
Rinse and repeat.
Ad nauseam!!!!!!
Shit! It won't scroll that far up! Geek fuckers!

(You people have no idea how much you need the internet. Til you haven't got it.)

Bad as all that was (you have NO clue), what really gave me the screaming fits was dependency hell from systemd. I can't wait to fix my laptop and play with Devuan which is sans systemd.

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1) Not sure what you're trying to achieve here. You want to copy packages from a full dvd iso to what exactly?
2) If x is a problem, why not do xorg? Or install a login manager like lightdm. As far as I recall, it'll drag in xorg. If not, xorg.
3) If I recall, you'll need something with an older kernel cause according to you, the internet will drop with a newer one.
4) A mini default Debian doesn't go without systemd and will use a 4.9 kernel. You might wanna try an Antix iso. Doesn't come with systemd. They have a barebones iso.
5) It's always handy to have a puppy linux flash around. You don't have to install a damn thing but at least you can do some work, take a snapshot and make a remade bootable iso of that image.

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I was talking about the hell of building debian by by hand, in prison, without internet of any kind, and systemd bullshit. It was something of a round about way of lamenting Debian's going with systemd. Which, it seems, caused a bit of a civil war in the Debian ranks. Devuan being one of a number of results. Some of the devs left and built Devuan specifically without systemd.

The connection problems you're referring to were after that, in a different situation. Antix, by the way, gave me the same problem staying connected. In any event, that's moot. I'm not there anymore.