Seems like there's a shitpot full of bugs on this listed in the Debian. Ran a search. First bug shows second half of what I posted in the terminal bit here. Second shows exact but unlike the first one it hasn't got any responses from the Debian crew. There seems to be a list of bugs. So it's been going on a long while though because I remember it happening when I was using the old printer. Don't look like will be cleared anytime soon at this rate. At lest Stable isn't fucked over like this nor MX-17 on the laptop. Just testing and maybe Sid.

Here's search link in case someone using Ubuntu and it's family or spins based on it has same issues. You'll see that Ubuntu users have also been hit on something similar. Damn, that sucks.

HP Pailion a1440n Desktop running 64bit Devuan Xfce Stable and MX Xfce

Asus A53S Laptop running GhostBSD Xfce
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