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This is quite embarrassing for the Ubuntu and KDE teams; well there is a undiagnosed problem, when ever I restart my computer on kubuntu, it just goes to a black screen and I end up having to force shut down my computer,

(I'm on a traditional desktop btw) Any help would be greatly appreciated

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How old is the system? Reason I'm asking I'm wondering if the 'improvements' to KDE that they're always having are messing with graphics. I know that on my old system I can't do KDE on it worth anything. I don't have it going blank but have some sort of triangle going from one corner to another corner on it. Other DE's work fine, just KDE acting up with the system on mine. But maybe someone here that uses KDE will be able to have better ideas and suggestions for you to try out.

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Try to find the reason for what is going wrong, before attempting fixes you find on the net from other people that end up with a black screen. Because there are different things that can go wrong that can cause this, so there is no one solution.

First attempt to get a terminal with CTRL-ALT-F3 where you can login with your user. If CTRL-ALT-F3 does not work try it with other F keys

You might also get a terminal from the advanced option for Ubuntu in grub.

Once you have a terminal check that you do not have a full disk with the df command