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Hey guys, I'm currently running Linux Mint and could not use my ASUS touchpad. A forum I found posted this as a solution though I don't know how to begin with it. I was looking around on how apply it and found this old video. Is this method still good to use or are there other better ways to do it.

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I think you forgot to post links. Either that or the links are not showing up on my phone

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I think the link didn't make it. I can't see one either.

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Instead of trying to compile the kernel yourself, why don't you switch to an Ubuntu or Debian based distro?

Since the 3.xx kernel there are a lot of options and modules to go through. Iif you have never compiled a kernel before it will probably take you hours to just go through all of these options and modules before you even get to kick off the actual compiling process.

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I like liquorix kernels.

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Download the kernel source from ...
Once inside the source directory, copy the current kernel's configuration, with: ...
Apply the patch, with: ...
Compile the kernel with: ...
Install the modules with: ...
Install the kernel image .../linux/arch/i386/boot/bzImage to wherever your bootloader wants it.