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My immortal soul is in terrible jeopardy to Ubuntu and their cloud thing. I'll be narky if I want.

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Georgiaboy wrote:

Cloud crap??

I don't think so. I rarely go and look at Ubuntu One site, anyway and my system works great.

This Livepatch is probably best for servers. Since I have a laptop I probably don't "need" it which is why I'm taking my time deciding on using it or not.

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I found out a couple of things. Cecilia is probably right about it being something that is primarily aimed at servers.

The crux of it seem to be that it will play in patches "live" without the need for a re-start. Obviously a bonus for a server that never has downtime. The livepatch service will only be providing "critical security patches". New kernels will still be provided by the update service, and will still require a restart after installation.

Canonical is offering private users free service with livepatch for up to three devices. Obviously it is a service that they are charging money for from commercial clients. Fair enough, too. Canonical was always about making money.

From here
Canonical site

The service covers standard Canonical 64-bit x86 kernels on 14.04 LTS, 16.04 LTS, and 18.04 LTS. It dynamically monitors success rates, enabling us to reduce the risk of live kernel fixes by delivering them to a small initial group and then widening the footprint dynamically based on success.

The bit about "widening the footprint dynamically" leads me to think that the free service is probably also part of the testing to make sure it works. Maybe test on a small number, then put the patch out on the free users and monitor it there, and then put it out to the paying customers. But that is pure speculation.

Any rate, it looks like it is probably safe, and may mean that a critical security patch may be installed and active quicker than it would be without the service. On the other hand, if having the Ubuntu one account is a bother, I reckon a private user can still live without the service for a while. At some time in the future something of the nature of Livepatch may become unavoidable, but I don't think it is yet.

I'll think about it a bit longer, but there is a middling chance that I might activate it. 😊