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I wrote a post the other day when I first got on after hearing from Georgiaboy...but got no response at all and cann't even find it now, so wonder what I did wrong. Anyway, so happy to see you all, even most recent, Nick. Amazing! I guess warfacegod is out of the picture??!! Glad to see so many old friends and kind helpers - you saw me through many problems and I am overjoyed to be back here now with all of you...ranch hand, Leppie, cromag, nubie...where is night wish? I'll have to click around here... ;-)

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Chris, the reason you can't find your post is that you tagged it under Nothing has Changed that Auswels wrote in this section.
Maybe Leppie or Shebey can edit and move it to here so you will be able to have them together. But again welcome back to the forum. Waiting for warfacegod to eventually show up. Same goes for Nightwishfan and a few others. Can only wait and see what happens. ;)

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Welcome back Chris at our end we are just getting older.

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Welcome back, Chris