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For those of you who generally type in code tags and such, the BBC tags don't work in this software.
This [code] [/code] just comes up as it is typed.

The code box is opened and closed by three backticks, like this:

code here

Or, you can use four spaces before each line, like this:

    a code block
    indented four spaces
    instead of using backticks

Quotes look like this

> quoted text here

and show up like this

quoted text here

Bold text

**Bold text here**

looks like this
Bold text here


_ text in italics here_

text in italics here

The H button makes a header

### heading text

heading text

Try them out, and see what shows up... ;)

Reply to this thread if you want to just try the functions out. I'll clean up occasionally, if it gets too messy. :)


Another thing: I just discovered how the "preview" function works.
Click on the button to see a preview of your post, and click on it again to get back to the editing window.

Full Screen

For those of us who are dependant on reading glasses, there is a useful full screen function in the top right corner of the post editing window. The button is marked with two diagonal arrows pointing to top right and lower left.
Click on it once to go to full-screen, and once again to get back to the standard view.


or smileys, or whatever you prefer to call them are available. Type a colon
and a drop-down list appears. Start typing the name of your smiley, and the list changes to incorporate what you are typing.
There is a link to a cheat sheet on the help page opened by the question mark on the green button above the post edit window.

This one is there 🍺 ,so we're pretty much covered, I think. 😉

A link in a post

It is quite easy to put a label on a link.
When you click on the link button, (labelled with a symbolised chain link) a window comes up to type (or copy and paste) the link into. After you do that and hit ok, this appears in the post:

 [enter link description here](

and it looks like this

enter link description here

anything you type between the square brackets on the left, where is says "enter link description here", will appear in the post as the name of the link. This is even already highlighted when the link is posted, so you just have to type away to get something like this.

this is a link back to this thread

When the name is finished, just click somewhere else in the post to continue typing there.

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As a side note: The preview function works locally instead of asking the forum software what the post will look like. As a result, there are a few minor differences between the preview and the actual post; notably emoji rendering and youtube embedding.

I've been pretty busy over the past few weeks, but at some point I will fix this.

Contrary to popular belief, I have no clue what I'm doing.