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Same here my friend. Being happy is the most important thing that there is.


We need a big thinning of population. Maybe this and the second wave that's due to follow after this one decides it's done will take a lot of stupid people with it.

One of myt friends goes to church but due to this they decided to have their services online. That makes sense. I saw this video where this so called televangest was telling people that it don't matter if they lost their job or what ever they need to make sure that they get that part of what they're supposed to be ginving to the church there. No matter what. I was damn pissed.

Ang our glorioius leader/doctor Rump insists that the encomny must be kept up. That he's probably going to end that social distancing at the end of 15 days no matter what and have people go back to work. Yep. Moron in charge knows what's best all right. Probably more worried about his re-election than anything else.

audiomick wrote:

Yeah, hoarders. Toilet paper, noodles, flour...

The federal and state government have repeatedly assured that essential shops will stay open, and that there is no danger of shortage of supplies. People are still hoarding. Go figure...

Same here. And our Glorious Leader/Doctor loves to give such helpful hints on what to use for medicine and paint such a rosy picture.

nubimax wrote:

Mouse died or would have answered sooner. stole this one from the good lady will have to return it shortly new mouse will arrive on Monday. You having trouble with hoarders there. Here shop shelves are empty and churches are full go figure that one out.


They're going to church??Do they not know what it means by staying away from crowds??? S. Korea put churches off limits due to trying to help cut down exposure. Thes idiots decided fine, we'll just meet at home. They got exposed just like the government thought would happen.

That could be Nubi. My old gal can't handle some of the Manjar stuff or any of the Arch spins taht I was wanting to try out. Could be taht the new Zorin don't like some of the hardware there.


nubimax wrote:

GB that is what I have been looking for, Every time I tried to get there from the distro watch site I ended up at their forum site.
now you should tell me that I need tto use duck duck go more often. thank you for the info.


I'd never do that. I'm constantly looking shit up for myself. At moment trying to learn how to do something by cli in Ghostbsd. I really like it but some of the stuff is very fun to learn. But got to learn always. Right?

Nubi, check to see if this link will help you with what you're looking for.

Will check the Fedora, Debian and Mageia's bookmarks for others as well.