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Hello everyone,,
I am Macgomes new to this forum,,
I'm familiar with Dos 5 and 6.22 back in the day and wanted to get used to Linux Terminal. Is there a good resource for me to learn all the commands and maybe even a tutorial to learn basic and intermediate stuff? Maybe a Youtube channel to see how commands work and learn as I go as an idea. My goal is to set up a sandbox of sorts with a Raspberry Pi and just kind of mess around with commands until I get comfortable with it. I kind of miss Dos Edit for config.sys or autoexec.bat, and just a bare interface with text.

For now I try to read a lot of tutorials on how to set up certain things in Linux but I find myself not really understanding what I'm doing and then I'm too far into the tutorial without anything really learned. I'd use my wife's mac to figure out stuff and then move onto the Pi making mistakes and learning slowly but effectively. Thanks in advance and sorry if this is the wrong sub for this question.