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I don't think PB still uses cryptominers but my point is the dangers of trusting those operating outside of the law.

Piracy is a very grey area legally. In most of the US (some specific locations have local laws that differ, but lack the means to find and prosecute offenders) only uploaders of pirated media (this is why torrenting pirated media is a big risk) can face any legal penalties.

Downloading pirated media is surprisingly still legal, though I have no idea why. I agree that using Kodi to do that is highly problematic, especially if laws related to receiving pirated media become a reality in countries which currently permit it. Another reason using Kodi is problematic is unless properly isolated [sandboxed] from the rest of the system, you're trusting a tool with dubious legality. Any site or app with dubious legality is always coming with some sort of risk, as displayed in pirateBay's use of browser-based bitcoin mining to mention one of the least problematic effects from one of the largest sites associated with piracy.

True. But the Qubes intro I saw showed a fair amount of MS utilities.... Might be a way to update them manually but I'd have to ask someone who uses dindows for more than Rufus

For things that matter, like Rufus and video games not supported by Linux, yes. For things like Win File manager and win photo viewer (shown in QubesOS screenshots) I'm not so sure. I booted into Windows to check but couldn't find a way to update within those apps

Several of the distros mentioned in the thread are Systemd-free. While systemd isn't perfect, it just had new vulnerabilities found and patched today, it got rid of kernel panics that I used to run into far too frequently. I should really look into some systemd-free distros....

audiomick wrote:

As far as I know, that is "server tactics". For a machine that has to be as reliable and robust as possible, use of resources is not the governing issue.

Placing each application in a separate VM means that any given application can crash and be restarted without affecting anything else that is running in any way at all. That no doubt uses more resources, but makes the machine overall very robust.

Very true. I wonder how it does updates for Win apps. Don't think it has Win Update Manager so I'm curious if updates are done manually and for each app... Worth a look.

I think that Qubes OS shows a lot of promise. However, running each app in a separate VM can't be efficient and much of the documentation seems to point at recent i5 and i7 chips, so it seems to validate my assumptions. I'd be interested in trying it out but only on my most powerful PC.
Running official MS apps could be beneficial at specific points... Mainly for running Rufus; I have constant issues with Grub when I try to make a bootable USB of a linux distro that's based on a different Linux "family" than the OS I'm making the USB on.

Of course, I have realized that when I try to leave the past behind, it usually sneaks up behind you

I got the same thing for XMass that I got the past 4 years...
I didn't get shit.
Happy New Years, though. I can get into leaving the past behind

Miss_Jay wrote:

Or the non medical variety, it's usually easier to get

It's all medical if you use it for medicine, right?

And because medical bills are absurd in the States...