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Last seen 1 year ago

But I think I may have sunk a bit deep into the "bizarre music" section of YouTube this time

I tried weed, wasn't much help. and I ain't going no heavier

This one left me bewildered and confused

Please send help

Hi, and welcome. Always good to see new faces

Yep, he "get's it" all right.
After 3 days in hospital, he went back to the White House.....
And took his mask off

Donald Trump returns to the White House: ‘Maybe I’m immune’

Probably best just to lock the doors to the White House and declare it quarantined

She also does bat shit crazy well too

This song is rock, but it was found amongst a pile of pop songs. I also really dig her attitude

My partner Reilly is really into drag queen pop music (yes, our musical tastes clash in a way that makes for some very interesting combined playlists).
But in amongst all the boring pop and duff duff beats, I found this gem. Adore Delano, a drag queen who actually ROCKS

Also: anyone feeling confused about a sexy, almost naked drag queen. That's something you're going to have to work out for you're self :p

Starting to see people wearing masks over here, I think the out break in Victoria has started to get people more serious.
They are strongly recommending people wear masks on public transport as well.
Hospitals, government buildings, work, etc all check everyone's temperature on entry.
I basically been staying home. Only time I been out is for weekly grocery shopping, surgery related Doctor's visits, and the surgery itself. Then went back to work on Saturday.

Was surprised that New Zealand had another case recently, after so long without any

Had the orchiectomy, on Monday. Was a lot less of an ordeal than I was expecting 😁
And recovery so far, has been almost painless