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Ok. Hope you find a solution.

Hi Dinga.

I just had a look at that on my machine here. This is a fairly current Ubuntu version, and I have no idea if the terminal emulator on yours would be same one, but it is worth a try.

With mine, you can zoom with the key combination

Ctrl and + for bigger, and

Ctrl and - for smaller.

Ctrl and 0 (zero) sets the zoom factor back to default.

If that doesn't work, you could look in the settings menu for a list of keyboard shortcuts (that is where I found those combinations....) and see what, if anything, is set there.

It probably wont remember whatever zoom factor you last used, I think. You'll have to try that out. Mine allows you to save a user profile, but I couldn't see anything in there that I could recognise as affecting the size of the text

Hope that helps.

I suspect the fact of the matter is that some people are just stupid.

cecilia wrote:

I'm also concerned that after an infection, years later will this virus spring a surprise?

Like chickenpox can result in shingles decades later. This virus is a bastard. Who wants to gamble with your children's health and future?

That's it.

and on top of that, and quite apart from the welfare of the kids, how many people can an infectious kid with no symptoms infect without ever being aware of being a carrier?
I think the correct answer to that might be "unlimited numbers" or something like that....

cecilia wrote:

... the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended the Pfizer vaccine for kids age 5-11 and New York State's Clinical Advisory Task Force unanimously agreed with the CDC.

That is good news. That should mean that similar recommendations follow in other countries. The world needs vaccinations for kids too...

Cool. πŸ˜€

I don't think "portends" is quite the right word. It is more likely a "symptom" of the pandemic. I've been seeing stuff along those lines in the news here: the automobile industry (economically one of the most important factors in Germany...) is not keeping up with their production goals because parts aren't being delivered due to production difficulties caused by the pandemic. Electronics (chips...) are amongst the most severely affected components.

@ Dinga: I don't understand all of those specs either, but what I do understand sounds good. πŸ‘

cecilia wrote:

... t-mobile (what Boost uses)...

Did you know that t-mobile ist german? Belongs to Deutsche Telekom. πŸ˜‰

I use t-mobile, and always have done. They are a long way from being the cheapest, but they still have the best coverage here. That is the most important thing for me as a freelance sound engineer. I don't use the phone that often, actually, but there are occasions when the phone absolutely has to work. ☺️

Glad to hear you got it sorted. πŸ˜€

cecilia wrote:

the storm was mostly lots of rain. Not a big deal.

please to hear that. We saw some "exciting" pictures on TV here, from Rhode Island, I think.

Good luck with the phone when you get around to it.