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Oct 26 2017
28 August 2018 - 17:39

I think I might be on the right track now I duck duck go-ed "legally down you tube videos" and found out what google had done to make this so complicated.

30 August 2018 - 00:28

does not work in the new you tube. if you ar talking about down load helper works for every thing but you tube.

10 September 2018 - 18:32

FF did an update on my Sparky 4.8, did a great job lost all my book marks and still can't waatch you tube with it. So I broke down and loaded Sparky 5.3, then did something really stupid I let the dam thing do updates. I know better then that now it is screwed up as well. Time I stared looking for a stable distro that will work on this computer.

11 September 2018 - 17:11

I tried to install debain 9 on this computer when it first came out did not work, If I make another copy of the distro maybe that will. I looked at point Linux a week or so ago like it very much but I do not think it is being maintained at this point.

23 January 2019 - 16:41

enlarging fonts in a ISO. Due too poor eyesight I need a way to enlarge the fonts. I have tried going into systems-fonts and enlarging from their did not work even when rebooting after enlarging I can read size 12 fonts without too much trouble but 14 is better. I have not found anything in the linux bible addressing this.


24 January 2019 - 00:37

When I boot from bootable medium or from an install on the hard drive I have not been able to enlarge the font in the menu or the operating system itself. I need at lest a size 10 font to see it with a magnifying glass. A 12 font I can read without magifying.

24 January 2019 - 16:40

No I have not tried that I will today, thanks for the tip. The only thing that I have found on fonts is [xfree86] in Debian GNU/linux 3.1 That book was published in 2005 and I think what I am reading there is out of date.


24 January 2019 - 23:23

settings-universal access does not work in Devuan or Septor. But does work in Zorin with the small side effect of hiding the shut down button, easy fix just shut down universal access and there it is again. Will try that on some of the other operating systems I will be looking at. Thanks again for that tip.


26 January 2019 - 19:32

Lowering the dpi settings is the as lowering screen settings I did not know that till I did some reading. Found that easy to do in deuvan and debian. preferences-control center-desplays. then just lower the resolution and apply system wide.
Thanks all.


20 February 2019 - 22:28

The experimental computer has been shutting down and then rebooting for a couple of days by itself last night it shut down and would not restart. This morning I put it on my bench and opened it up cleaned up the dust bunnies and plugged it in at the bench to check the fans everything was working. brought it back in and hooked it up no power nothing came on. replaced the power cord with the one at my bench it now works. When I checked out the power cord that did not work, hot side was good, common side was good, checked out ground and had infinite Resistance. Can some one tell me why a computer needs ground to run?