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Last seen 5 days ago

I have been have a snooper on my old devuan install every time I go to a utube how to video someone comes in and delays startup while it collects some information, I don't know who or what it is so I started to look for a different OS.
First I tried Zorin 16.1, it installed with no problem. But when I try to use it, Zorin will not recognize my password after several tries with the same failure I reloaded Zorin 16.1 same failure as before. I reloaded it once more same failure again. Zorin 16.1 is not for this computer.
Next on my list was Sparky 5.9 after 97% loaded I get failure to load after much looking I fine their sever is down.
Next on my list is Solus 4.3 again about half way through the install failure to load comes up. this time I just go to the next OS.
list is Linux Mint 20.1 last time I looked at Linux mint I did not care for it but at this point any port in a storm. surprise it loads there is just one problem to start with it starts up in terminal with the word grub blinking at me. I shut down the computer it being a HP I start it and begin punching the Esc key it opens and I push the F9 key go to sata one and push enter and entered Linux Mint. still do not like it, but it does work. It is very slow and has a few glitches besides having to open through Bios. After using it for a week and liking it even less I thought of something that I had done several years go that worked that was to install Ubuntu 10.04 then install the next OS over that.
So that is what I did. and the Next OS I had for loading was the updated Devuan 4.0 I did and it works very well and no snoopers on the utube videos.
The good lady tells me that I need to buy a new computer from system 76 maybe she is right I know that I have had this one for at least 14 years and I think maybe longer, cannot remember when I bought it. and being old my memory is not what it use to be. Take care people and try to have some fun.


I see in the news where the Koch Brothers are saying that there bottom line in there Russian business is more important then a few people being killed by Russia in the Ukraine. This typifies what the Koch Brothers are.


Has any one found a way to enlarge the font in terminal? I am running Devuan and the font is so small in terminal That I cannot make out unless I use a magnifying glass.


The good lady Needs to up grade her laptop (having trouble with older Firefox browser) not being able to open up some of the places she needs to go.
I thought Devuan might be good for her so I tried to load Devuan to her laptop. Now it is locked up demanding a administrative password to allow you in. I have never had an administrative password ever, and I have no idea how many OS,s I have installed. In the last 15 years. Normally by pressing the Esc button repetitively you can get to the Boot menu not now, you go directly to Administrative password. Anyone have and idea how to over come this problem?

It has been cold wet and miserably gloomy here this winter more like the Oregon coast then the sunny south.

The good lady and I have had our fist jabs of the pfister vaccine will get the second on the 16 February. We are still alive and not screaming at each other in this confinement, though tired of looking at the same walls.

The good lady has informed me that she has us booked into resorts here on Hilton Head Island in Septembe, October, and December. Does this give you an idea how bored she is.


Now That the Republicans have made it legal to instigate violence in politics with only those doing the violence being responsible for their acts. it is going to be interesting times here in this country. As in the the ancient curse "may you live in interesting times".

I am wondering how the local mom and pop republicans feel now that all but seven of their Senators violated their oath of office and put party loyalty before loyalty to their Country.


The Presidential Debate last night was a farce. More like two Tom cats howling on the back fence, the moderator needed an old shoe to throw at them but could not seam to find one.


A neighbor called me yesterday afternoon and said that the police had stopped a car one street over, where upon the driver jumped out of the car and took off running. within minutes there were helicopters circling over head quiet a bit of excitement. About 15 minutes later the helicopters left so I took a nap.


Its been a while since I have posted any of the craziness from here so this ought to make up for it.

  1. A woman from the next county did not like what she was seeing so she gouge out her eyes.

  2. A couples 5 year old son shot himself with his fathers 9mm pistol on Wednesday the parents did not seek medical help for him. Next day a neighbor called police to report it, kid now doing fine in hospital

  3. Woman pulls gun on Walmart employee and starts waving it about woman has child in cart. Police now looking for woman.

  4. another shoot out in parking lot of restaurant 6th one this month.


El Pendejo sowed the seeds of violence, now at harvest time he cowers in fear in the basement of the white house.