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Oct 26 2017
10 August 2018 - 15:27

Zorin 12.3 has many applications that I like. Has a map ap of the world that you can use right down to the street you live on. Comes with aisleriot solitaire, mahjong, and sudoku. Which are the games I like to play. Internet comes with chromium web browser, and under system tools it is just a single click to add Firefox, Midori, Midodri private browsing, and Web. Comes with the usual libre office collection. It also comes with wine which is some thing I have never used before. So far every thing look and works well. Over the years I have heard many negative remarks about Zorin, but as of what I have seen so far this looks and works great the more I look the better I like it.


06 September 2018 - 19:12

Have been looking at 4m Linux Has every thing a person might want in a computer from wine to sever. It has a dark theme much to dark for these old eyes. I think it would take me 10 years to learn how to use this distro, someone with more computer experience then I have would probably love this distro. Just not for me.

23 September 2018 - 16:19

I started by putting Manjaro on a usb stick, Computer would see the stick but but not the distro on the stick. I used dd to put manjaro on the stick. I then but Manjaro on a DVD this the computer saw, so I installed it. Went to try and use Manjaro it was slow just like I was on the telephone modem when I lived in Hawaii 20 years ago.
Next I tried Sparky Linux 5.5 lxqt Based on Debian testing I did not find this gui friendly I mean 3 different steps just to get to FF Could not put any thing that I normally use on the upper panel. There is no way I could use this. So I tried PC Linux and found no Grub so after 3 more different distro installs all with no Grub I went back to my old cure it distro ubuntu 10.4 loaded it then cured the grub problem. Then I put rebillin 3.5 on and I am using it till I find something that I like.

06 January 2019 - 19:45

I have finely got around to looking at Fat dog. Need to look at it some more, but so far I have seen no improvement over Puppy and I find it very hard to shut down.

23 January 2019 - 16:31

I have been trying to look at Septor -2019, but finding the font in this ISO is to small for me to see even with my magnifying glass all I can say about it is that it is based on debian. This is the second ISO I have tried that have these tiny fonts. When I went into systems and selected fonts it would not let me enlarge the fonts. I will start a help column on this problem. after being frustrated with this, I looked at 3 new to me search engines: Qwant, Dogpile, Swisscow. Swisscow is good for families. Qwant and Dogpile similar to Duck Duck go. I like the latter 2 well enough save them for future use.


21 April 2019 - 17:20

I have been looking at elementary OS, reminds me of a mac OS. I don't have anything good to say about this OS but there must be something good about it. First thing I found was that I could not enlarge the print, needed to use to big magnifying glass to read the instructions. The installation is graphical. Comes with the Pantheon Desktop, and uses DEB package management. Does not come with a office suite(could not even find abi word). I found trying to pick an apt to download very difficult. what I mean by that is that you need some sort of program to write with and it does not come with one. For me this is not something to leave on the experimental.

26 August 2019 - 19:06

Porteus Is a small portable and very fast distributaion based on Slackware. Loads on my experimental computer in about 35 seconds. It was designed to run from a USB drive, flash card, cd, or external or internal hard disk. It claims to be ideal for netbooks, I don’t have one so I could not test that.
Porteus is available in 32 and 64 bit. Porteus comes in several desktops I choose to install it with Mate, Mate turns out to be the slowest of the desktops to load. LXDE they claim to load in as little as 15 seconds.
Programs can be installed from Porteus package manager found under “systems” or from the command line. Someone who likes fast small ISO’s will like this one.


29 August 2019 - 15:46

Most of the old timers here remember my liking Sparky, it had all the things that I used a lot. Problems started with Sparky 4.8 with all sorts of problems using Firefox solved that by switching to Opera, Then came the 5 series and things got much worse. My opinion of 5.8 Sparky is that the down hill spiral is continuing. None of the features that I use the most are available in this new release. this new Sparky is one big bummer for me.


29 August 2019 - 16:06

I changed Zorin 13 to the Newer Zorin 15. I am beginning to think some changes to linux have been made that I am not aware of. I am not able to find a way to make changes to this distro. It goes to sleep after 5 minutes, I would like to change that to 30 minutes, have not found a way to change fonts. The only reason to keep this Is that the good lady likes this version of Freecell. Looks like I will have to do a lot of reading about this Distro will let you know what I find.


26 November 2019 - 16:11

I have been looking at Condess 19.09 a Arch based distro. Its very fast and was easy to load. Uses icons for applications which I am not fond of, I much prefer a pull down screen. I have not found documentation on it I keep getting sent to a forum when I look for documentation. other then that it works very well. Comes with librae office suit, chromium, firefox, gimp, and a host of others.