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Oct 04 2017
15 January 2018 - 01:39

Leppie wrote:

Class action means that the majority of people has to admit that they went wrong with choosing MS...

And that could simply not be true.

15 January 2018 - 04:16

warfacegod wrote:

Well, the only option is we sue ourselves on behalf of Microsoft and give them the money.

Wow. What an idea.

Hope no one from MS is reading this. I am sure they would love to work with us on that.

14 February 2018 - 02:08

I may be wrong but I think Knopix was the first bunch to actually produce a Live Session.

Even if they didn't produce the first one they produced the one that became a standard tool in the box for people working on computer problems.

Pretty much the standard tool for rescuing W95 was the impression I got from my research before we got our first computer in 98. Was my first hint that Linux existed.

We decided, due to software we were familiar with somewhat availability, to go with W98 but kept an eye on Linux.

When my son got disgusted with one of the W* versions in 01 or 02 I suggested he look into Linux. He looked around and played with Knopix to see if he could straighten out the problems he was having. Ended up fixing his Windows problem in a more sensible manner and simply installed the current Mandrake at that time over Windows. His wife was not pleased.

But when we got the Vista box he returned the favor and recommended Ubuntu to us as a good place to start.

I usually have an ISO from Knopix but don't currently. Generally like building my own rescue setups and using them installed on an external.

You may want to take a look at Kanotix which was sort of forked from Knopix. Or built up Knopix to be bloated depending on who you reference. Is intended to install as well as be used as a Live Session for the same reasons as Knopix.

English website for Kanotix - also put out by Germans

Based on Stretch. I haven't looked at it for a couple years either.

17 February 2018 - 05:37

You may not have been following this but this has been going on for a few years now.

In case you get into a bit of trouble working on your JD or know someone that is you might want to point them at these articles.

This is pretty good from folks that really don't understand the economics of agriculture. People in ag have been keeping up with tech pretty well. There really isn't much choice.

There is a mention of a GPS unit in that video. These are used primarily for soil nutrient applications. We used to do several soil samples in a field and then mix them all together, you need about a 5 gallon bucket of samples to mix and then you take a pound or so to get tested. Then you get the recommendation for that field and the intended crop. This is still a good idea but if you check you will find that orbital spectrometry is capable of very, very accurate soil analysis. Physical soil tests are primarily used, on large cropping outfits, to check on the remote soil analysis. By using the maps that are created of your field and feeding that data into your tractor you connect to the equipment to apply the soil amendments and they are then applied at the rates needed for the part of the field you are actually applying the stuff too.

This cuts down on runoff for better water quality protection and saves a lot of money by not over using the stuff that cost a lot of money.

GPS in tractors is not a new thing at all. Been around more than a decade in fairly common use. All new tractors, pretty much since the turn of the century, come with a place to set a laptop in the cab where you can reach it from the seat and use it.

Is the primary reason I am not holding my breath for self driving road vehicles in any large number. Or capable of actually getting somewhere correctly. They have been doing real work on this for a long time in tractors. You really have all the controls for equipment set up to run pretty well unattended. But you still need someone in the seat to drive the stuff. This is extremely boring driving. Up and down a field. Or around and around in a field. Something that sounds pretty simple to control really. You have damned good maps available for most fields. The turns in the "head lands" are pretty standard U turns. Just need to turn and then follow the GPS. No traffic problems. Just cover all the ground in stripes. Isn't ready for use. Been following the research on that since 03 pretty closely.

That research, rarely if ever mentioned, is the basis for self driving cars. Not ready yet at all. May be in another 50 or 10 years.

The cameras that vehicles use to navigate around hazards are getting pretty good but depending on those rather than GPS for navigation is pretty tricky in itself. And tractors don't need to do that sort of navigation. They just need to accurately, more accurately than the average, say, 13 year old can do in running up and down a field or around and around a field working either in to the center or out from the center.

I suspect you could train an Orangutan to do that job. I have known a whole lot of pretty seriously "impaired" people that are very good at that sort of thing. But they really haven't gotten a computer to do that job reliably.

I can see driving aids. I can see "linking" several trucks together electronically to follow a lead truck being driven by a person. I really can't see, except in very controlled and well marked areas, vehicles that can really do the job without being real hazards. Will come eventually but definitely not tomorrow.

And it may take some dumb farmer to figure it out.

17 October 2018 - 01:30

nubimax wrote:

I have settled on using Devuan 2.o.o with Mate desktop for my main Computer. Looks and feels a lot like Wheezy to me.


I am running on Devuan ascii (Xfce) and find it runs pretty well. Have a very few issues with it but they are all pretty much weird packages I like to run or can be easily worked around.

I do run a some Mate applications - pluma, system monitor and engrampa - and they all work great.

I find it boots up very fast. The only stable install I have on here right now.

Been using it a lot lately so I can finish my studies in Gimp 2.8 on creating water reflection type images from photos I have. Gimp 2.10 seems to be a big improvement in most ways I have seen but it is a BIG change and I want to finish getting my methods down a bit better and get some printed out using software I know something about.

One thing that 2.10 does is actually put exif info in jpg files which is great but currently this causes landscape oriented finished images created from 2 portrait oriented images to create thumbnails that are portrait oriented which really sucks and I need to figure out how to get that to work right because I only like "icon" file manager display for working photos and that makes them harder to spot fast.

All other problems are with the tools I use which have all changed quite a bit and will need to be studied to be able to configure them to do what I am attempting to do.

Will take a bit of work and time and I am about to the point of actually getting what I want out of 8.2.

But I have been very impressed with Devuan and think that they are doing a great job for as small a team as they have. Really runs extremely well and I give it a pretty good beating. Currently only have 9 windows open on 8 workstations (1 empty) with 12 browser tabs open on 2 windows of Palemoon, 2 windows of Thunar with mixed display (detailed list and icon) and 5 tabs open there. Running very cool and smoothly.

17 January 2018 - 19:34

What DM are you using?


17 January 2018 - 21:56

Georgiaboy wrote:

I couldn't check on that before as I was pretty sure you were not using lxdm which I am using on the external 64OB install and that install is OB only.

But I am now on the internal Stoned Lizard where I use lightdm and have both Xfce and OB installed. I even logged out to double check that the option for what DE you log into is still there.

It is there on this install and appears to work. didn't change over to OB but it has always worked in the past.

There should be 3 options on the top panel of lightdm and the one 3rd from the right should give you that option.

I also checked in

and see nothing in either of them that should need changed to have that option. Mine are all dead default settings except for

on which I have modified the background to use a different image.

I think that while those files are all pretty long (except user.conf) that there are only about 3 lines each not commented out.

I would check that panel again to make sure you are correct in your description of the problem and if so I would take these steps in trying to correct the problem.

# dpkg-reconfigure lightdm

Reboot and check. If that hasn't fixed it then

# apt-get purge lightdm


# apt-get install lightdm

You could try

# apt-get install --reinstall lightdm

instead of the first (dpkg) option but the dpkg command has had a better history with me in correcting slightly screwed applications.

As long as you lightdm package isn't in and of itself somehow screwed all it needs is the install scripts rerun and dpkg will do that. If the package is screwed the install -- reinstall will end up pretty much just running like a package upgrade and that may not change any files at all whereas if you purge the package before reinstalling it all the system config files will be removed and you get a new, clean start.

If you have changed anything in the "greeter" you may want to save that file someplace to see what you did. I wouldn't use that file as a replacement because there may be something in it causing the problem. But you would have the relevant line(s) you modified as a guide to what to do with the new one. If this is the case make sure you back up the original file before modification.

Edit: code tags... <sigh>

18 January 2018 - 03:36

Georgiaboy wrote:

Tried all and still same.

That sucks.

Try a different DM. Gdm is about the same as LightDM. I don't know what Mate uses, probably LightDM, but there could be something like MDM.

Could be that the problem is with 32bit systems or 32bit version of lightdm not working on 64bit systems properly.

Seems to work fine on both my Lizards (Testing and Sid) under Xfce with OB installed too.

I have a bit of trouble trusting Lightdm due to being a Launchpad project.

Am using lxdm on here (64OB) and the next install is going to go with xdm. Lxdm from Debian anyway is pretty much set up to go with lxde installs and that makes sense but it, by default doesn't show a DE option box. Easily fixed in the config file (change the 'bottom panel' line to end with =1 instead of =0 - really tough).

Have used xdm and it is really good but I don't think I ever used it on a multi DE system and don't remember much about it. Don't really like the layout of the login screen. This is a big concern as I have to look at it for several seconds. Bugger is old reliable and able to handle remote logins by it self in a secure manner. Don't think that looks is a major concern and I need to revisit it.

One of those may have better luck with 32bit boxen than lightdm.

13 February 2018 - 03:40

Georgiaboy wrote:

When did you become a southern redneck?
Since when were rednecks restricted to the south?

13 February 2018 - 05:40

Georgiaboy wrote:

ranchhand wrote:

Georgiaboy wrote:

When did you become a southern redneck?
Since when were rednecks restricted to the south?

Hell, ask most people and to them the south is where the rednecks are. That and all are living in the Appalachians.

Most of my life has been spent in MI, Oh, WVa and MT. I have always worked with people, except for 3 brief periods in towns in MI and WV, lived and worked among people that were considered rednecks and referred to themselves that way.

Term is actually very old and refers to people that work outdoors and don't where wide brimmed hats all the time as those were too expensive when the term was coined for anyone not in the upper classes.

Has never been a term used for common seamen because, well, they are damned sailors and pretty weird with their own sub culture.

There are a lot of, and always have been a lot of Canadian rednecks. About all of them live in southern Canada. But then most Canadians live in southern Canada. Not applied to people that speak French as their native language there because they are those damned Frogs no matter what color their necks may be.