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Oct 04 2017
27 October 2017 - 05:59

Mega looks like an interesting option. Will look into it when I am coherent.

30 October 2017 - 23:19

Leppie wrote:

Though I still use Dropbox, it would probably be better to use some other platform like
With Mega you get 50 GB for free. I don't know about the maximum file size though.
Would it be possible to link to an image from Mega here on the forums?

31 October 2017 - 20:46

Actually Dotcom has no connection with Mega anymore. His ex wife owns his interest in it still but that is only 7%.

I created a free account last night. Seems to work well.

Still experimenting on it. Have found doing uploads is a challenge on the speeds I have but that is certainly not anything to do with that storage service.

Seems easy enough to use. I just have a bunch of photos I want to upload. About 15G of them.

27 October 2017 - 06:07

I like the brigantine.

Like the way they are "sailing" under power in that vid with the mizen and stay sails set so as not to interfere. Looks great.

Was a very popular design. Big enough to be useful and small enough to be very "handy" (easily handled). Well rigged to take advantage of wind from all angles.

04 December 2017 - 03:35

Boats and ships have always fascinated me. If it floats I pretty much enjoy it.

Sailing is a real experience and I haven't done any since the early 70s and really miss it. Had a small sail powered rig then. Would carry 2 adults if they were childish enough to play in it. Could usually find someone to go with me. Was a Sabot. With a lee board - old design that wasn't used then even anymore. Needed a lot of work to get it in working order. But it held up for several years.

Wish I had one now. Is about the size of boat that makes sense on the water available here in MT. And fits in the back of a pickup truck and can be loaded and unloaded by one person. Would be great on the U shaped Tongue River Reservoir - no one calls it that here they all just say they are going to the dam at Decker. Would also work real well on the Yellow Stone north of here. Doesn't draw much and would be fine I think. River is pretty good. May have some places where you need to tilt the lee board up and go to a canoe paddle but I think it would sail most of the time really well.

27 December 2017 - 18:54

That is really cool.

I suppose that there are tall ships that don't have modern engines in them but I am not aware of any.

This is, in a way, too bad but I think the 'convenience' is a real good idea really. Power made using ships much safer particularly within sight of land. Anytime you can see land you are in much more danger of running into something or being driven by wind and/or current onto something that will destroy the ship.

Navigating rivers is pretty challenging and propulsion that is consistently directional when seconds count is absolutely a big plus.

But you actually had that option without engine power. All you need is experienced boat commanders and well trained crews for those boats and "simply" deploy all the ships boats and tow the ship, particularly, up river. This is a great way to give the ships crew healthy exercise. Of course this may be a slight problem in a long voyage, before things like refrigeration (dependent on modern engines for electricity) when dietary requirements were met pretty much with bad meat, rotten potatoes resulting in malnutrition and scurvy. Not a good, healthy crew to put to the hard work of rowing small boats to tow ships upstream with.

I think we will be seeing more small commercial shipping using sail again on a common basis. I think this is unavoidable. And we have the tech to do so as costs of operation go up. But they will not be at all like the old tall ships which are such beautiful examples of, particularly, 17th, 18th and 19th century marine architecture.

So far this is not a major area of research but there are a lot of people looking at it. Currently most is aimed at wind as a supplemental power with little or no change in the standard designs of hulls.

Improved battery size and function, different ways of producing the energy to fill them will change this I am pretty sure to serious research for ships within the next 10 years or so though.

Quite a bit is being done on small floating platforms that is fairly exciting if viewed as very basic proof of concept research.

And we have had, for decades, the ability to run fairly conventionally designed multi masted Baltimore clipper type hulls with very minimal crews with reliable power sail management (rotating masts and power sail setting). This just needs a reliable alternative power source. Would be very usable right now for short run (local) passenger/light cargo hauling.

We really haven't seen any major improvement for a long time on diesel/electric (think rail locomotive power) which is what is used in maritime shipping today and I don't think that we will. It is just pretty damned well maxed out right now limited by the potential for diesel power that is economical to actually use and the cost of that is only going to go up.

Wind power for shipping is pretty reliable and constant. Does come with some limiters in that you do need masts of some sort and that takes up cargo space. But this is, as it has always been, an economic issue. Sail replaced human powered ships, *remes and the classic Viking ship designs, because it was more economically efficient.

I think we are actually past that economic tipping point already but you have to factor in inertia of thought and the current capacity for change in the ship building industry and those two things are not at all ready for being ready yet.

But get some really large capacity batteries that don't take up too much space and this will change rapidly. For short haul, light traffic I think we will see this happening pretty soon though.

23 November 2017 - 06:16

Interesting thing about imgur is that if you use the screenshot tool for xfce, screenshooter, there is an option, no idea how it works, to "Host on Imgur".

Also for another service "ZimageZ" that I have never heard of.

Handy thing to know if attempting to post screenshots from Xfce in a help thread. Maybe.

I found it interesting anyway.

23 November 2017 - 19:44

The ZimageZ home page is in English.

The others, like the Faq page, are in French.

Checking with
$ whois

I find it is indeed a site located in France.

Price is right but appear to need to translate the pages if you are language impaired as I am.

23 November 2017 - 20:38

I actually wouldn't know. Didn't look.

In my experience all those image sharing sites have 99% total crap on them and are basically a waste of time.

Apparently imgur works well with this forum template. Good enough for me.
enter link description here

So here is an experimental post.

23 November 2017 - 20:50

Well that is interesting. At least it seems to work.

Will have to check the instructions for posting stuff again.

Was one of those grab the shot that just happened to come along as we were refilling a spray tank at a remote location. That wind mill is actually the entire water supply for the corral area and house on that ranch. Has a large buried cistern which is good but damned slow due to little drop and long run of apparently small pipe.

We refilled the small tank on our JD Gator (75gal) from water in the 300gal main truck tank. Made the mistake of refilling the truck tank, one time only, from a hydrant connected to the cistern. Was faster to drive a 20 mile round trip to the nearest neighbors stock tank water pipe line hydrant. But at least I got to engage and disengage the windmill mechanism to allow it to pump and get the head pointed into the wind. Not something you get to do very often anymore. Simple job on a maintained system but rare enough to be very satisfying.

Just happened to look up to judge the time while filling and saw that. Generally carry the camera with me. Don't get to use it much but do grab interesting things when possible.