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Then why are we, as a society, constantly referring to playing with Legos? My phone's keyboard has Legos so it must be a word. My phone loves me and would not lie.

And a hot toddy. Which is not to be confused with a hot toady. Don't drink those. They taste aweful!

audiomick wrote:

True, but the text of the last couple has been "value yourself" sort of stuff. This one is "revolution now". ☺️

I don't see any difference between the two concepts.

And before you try it: invinciblester!


I win.

There's an unimaginable explosion.

What happens when an unstoppable force comes upon an immovable object?

I've actually posted her here before and didn't realize it. She's done several joke YouTube videos. One is Slayer on ukulele.

How can you best invincible?

Pretty sure she's touring with Wintersun and Ne Obliviscaris.