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I believe that the old site had a subtle alternating color scheme on a few of the themes. That or perhaps a separator space between the posts. Unfortunately I am currently in no position to do anything about this. Frankly, I suspect that once some more themes become available, this issue will become moot.

Cromag wrote:

What does one do to be a non-member of Just not respond or what?

The first step involves not joining. Then click your heels three times. Then scream bloody gore.

Miss_Jay wrote:

Yay, looks like all the trouble makers are back \o/

WFG, listening to Origin now as recommended. Kind of reminds me of Dying Fetus
This is more my cup o' tea...
Eluveitie - Rebirth

Also, I thought the arguing was you attempting to flirt :p

Origin, to me, falls somewhere around Cannibal Corpse but from a different universe where everything is made of tentacles and evil dirt.
I'm somewhat familiar with Eluveitie. You may like Wintersun.

Ah, so love at first byte.

Then it's good to know, nothing's changed.

Much of this can be understood if you read Howard Zinn's A People History of the US from 1492 to Present. Present being George Jr's presidency.

I know of places in Maine where people live in tarpaper shacks.

Mirknight wrote:

To serve is to please

Except when serving time.

Welcome back iCock.

It made me feel something anyway.

All I have to do is show up and you hijack a thread. Perfect.

Is it right next to remembering how to spelling remember? :P

I think I recall that yanking the CMOS battery for a few should reset the BIOS to no password.