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Last seen 4 years ago

Miss_Jay wrote:

It's good to see this place up and running again \o/

Edit: Also, where's WFG?

endo! I have returned. I never pickup on you being a girly girl. If I had, I'd have done more flirting and less arguing. Check out the band Origin.


All warrantees void.

It's what I'm here for. To raise hell is divine.

If it were TV, it would be Armageddon in 16:9

Leppie wrote:

Yep, can't stress it enough:
The only thing that has no limits in this world, is peoples' stupidity...

Never underestimate the ingenuity of complete fucking idiots.

Cromag wrote:

Well well. If it isn't Oppenheimer. Or rather Prabhavananda.

Kali but all male and stuff.

sheybey wrote:

Nice to see you around again. I have restored you to your old post.

So I have re-ascended my heavenly mantle, thank you.

My absence was far too long and not of my choosing.

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war
For I am become death destroyer of worlds