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What once was old becomes new again.

That hair is so 1973.

audiomick wrote:

You sure you're not a Nac Mac Feegle? 😉

Nope, not a Scott nor am I blue. (Except that one time I died.) Almost 50/50 Irish and Scandinavian with a dash of Iberian for spice. Although, come to think on it, I am totally insane in a Feegle kind of way... Hmm....

If I ever meet the people behind this, all the beer and whiskey is on me.

Well I drank, I fought, and I made my ancestors proud! So there's that.

I tried to explain to them that, since I'm homeless, the entire city is my living room and therefore I wasn't technically drunk in public. They pointed out the flawed logic of my reasoning by bonking me on the head with a stick. I don't remember anything afterwards until I came to in the hospital trying to destroy everything in sight.

A bit later, I tried explaining to the nurse (who was being a complete dick) that I am well aware of my rights and that he couldn't keep me from leaving. He said that my rights were not in question but I still wasn't leaving. My response was that he was only saying that because I was tied to the bed.

The answer is 42. Duh!

The constitution was being subverted almost immediately by the government.

Sir Lancelot goes cyber punk.

Got beaten by the coppers again.