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Last seen 3 years ago

Pretty sure she's touring with Wintersun and Ne Obliviscaris.

I was having such a wretched day. Then I got back to the shelter and found out that Notre Dam cathedral was burning.

Where's your savior now vermin!?

Because fucking awesome!

It's like an Immortal cartoon. Actually Immortal already seemed like a cartoon anyway.

Seriously this is just too much fun. Oh, and anyone that doesn't agree is already wrong.

Okay, for those following along, Lord Chinngis would be Ghengis Khan. (Yeah, so what if I'm guessing? I'm smarter than nearly everyone on the damned planet. I'm allowed to guess and still be right.)

I feel like I've almost heard this song in about half the cowboy movies I've ever seen.

New album.

What's your favorite alien species!?

I'm going with Klingons.

Found this through Netflix on a show called Kiss Me First.

New motherfucking BEHEMOTH!

I'd bet about anything Nergal hired an actual children's church choir for this.

According to Synaptic:

spelling corrector of console commands

The Fuck attempts to fix user's command line mistakes, by
composing new commands applying a series of matching rules.
It supports various shells, such as bash, fish, tcsh, and

This package provides the Python 2 version of The Fuck as
python-pathlib currently lacks Python 3 support. Furthermore
the 'sudo' matching rule has been disabled for users' safety.

Because well shit, why the fuck not. Of course I installed it. That it's my mother's laptop that I installed it into is clearly immaterial.